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Why Millennials Don’t Like to Make Phone Calls

The millennials are the generation of text messages and rarely hear about them by phone. Is it because they feel it as a thing of the past? Or is it because of the need to be multitasking?

Many will say that calling by phone is overrated, that a message on WhatsApp or a direct message on Instagram is more than enough to keep in touch. But, coincidentally, all who claim this are the same age, known as Generation Y. That is, those who were born between 1981 and 1993. Why is it the generation that least tends to talk on the phone?


It seems that they have many reasons, among which stand out: being highly productive or thinking before speaking. These characteristics, among many others, are common in the youth of this generation, which many classify as the most prepared and, also, as the most frustrated. Below, we discover its main reasons.

Because They Require Immediate Attention

A message can be answered at any time, while if they call you you have to spend time at that moment.

Also, by calling it is much easier to answer something that you can later regret. Either because you answer with little desire, and it shows, or because you are one of those who do not have a filter and lose the first thing that goes through your head.

Do the Words are gone With the Wnd

In a hyperconnected world, we can’t blame millennials for being paranoid when they prefer to have it all in writing. It never hurts, both so that you don’t forget anything, and to use it if necessary.

In the work environment it is a key strategy, since, for both good and bad, it will always be better if there is a written record of everything.

Calls Are For Serious Issues

It is usual to see the following scene: a millennial’s cell phone rings, he is amazed and sees who is calling him. He hesitates and answers with “Has something happened?” This means that phone calls are related to important or urgent issues.

So, if when they respond they realize that it really wasn’t anything interesting, their usual response is a: “And that’s what you’re calling me for?” or “Ah ok, I was scared to see that you were calling me.”

For all this, this generation prefers to spend their time writing via WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram. So if millennial calls you do not panic, but be very attentive, because it will surely be important.

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