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373K provides a wide-ranging collection of voice services. We deliver these services via our next-generation switching platform. The BR-549 is a globally interconnected network with connections to providers, from the largest carriers to the smallest CLECs around the globe. Our platform and network are used to complete millions of calls daily by independent wireless and cable operators, MVNOs, OTT applications, and other service providers.


One connection to 373K's platform allows you to terminate intrastate, interstate and international calls. The 373K platform also provides completely on-net calls between its interconnected customers at a fraction of the cost of terminating to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). 373K’s termination products leverage its extensive network of interconnections to transport long distance calls to destinations throughout the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and around the globe. Our termination services are used by service providers of all sizes to improve call quality and lower the cost of wholesale local and long distance.


373K’s Direct Inward Dialing (DID) service allows customers to be reached from anywhere on the PSTN. This services allows our customers to extend the reach of their telephone network rapidly with no capital expenditures or network expansion costs. 373K is a registered IPES operating company and owns and operates its own switching platform, the BR-549.

DID services for inbound calling

  • Access numbers for teleconferencing services
  • Call center inbound local numbers
  • Calling card service providers
  • Application telephony for local access services

Features and Benefits

  • New telephone number
  • Ported telephone numbers
  • Metered or usage-based options
  • Session-based option

Messaging & Data Services

373K also helps service providers enable IP-based SMS texting from their current DIDs by resolving the complexities within multi-vendor relationship and disparate wireless technologies. DID Enabled Text Messaging allows VoIP subscribers to originate a text message on your IP network and send it to a user on a different network – simply by using the dialed number.

In addition to messaging, 373K provides a variety of data services, including LRN, CNAM queries, and E-911 location registration.

Professional Services

We recognize every customer has unique needs and use-cases. That’s why our Professional Services Group is ready to build and implement whatever you may need. From custom switching partitions to RESTful APIs, our team will help you interact with our platform and services in the manner you prefer.

In addition to customizing our service offering to meet a client’s needs, our team also provides a wide variety of consulting and contracting services. Whether you’re launching an MVNO, building a mobile app, or just need a little guidance on implementing effective, secure encryption, our expert developers are available to offer some guidance.

Our Network & Platform

373K's InfrastruKture is forever growing to support the needs of its clients. Current data center locations are shown below.


373K, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation

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